Friday, March 13, 2009


First of all, I would like to congratulate Ludwig and Jesse's group + Rachel and Kelly's group for both passing the 12-meter mark. Wow! I didn't really think that anyone would actually pass the 12-meter mark, but I guess I was wrong :(

I was pretty satisfied with the results of my car as it went faster than I expected compared to the other cars. But sadly, it didn't travel in a straight line. I passed the 5-meter mark in both my trials and my car traveled a total distance of 7 meters or so. Everyone was pretty surprised because of the speed of my car, they were saying that it was like a rocket :)

Overall, race day was pretty fun, because I got to see everyone's different balloon-cars and their creativity. I hope that I get more projects like these, because this project is actually a hands-on project, not like the usual projects where you collect information and put it on a bristol board... if you know what I mean :)

This is the video of my 2nd trial, it passed the 5-meter mark in under 3 seconds.. I think.
(My car actually starts moving at about o:40 seconds of the video)

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