Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3rd Major Entry Part 2: Final Version (B2Xc - 001 Sudden)

The name for the final version of my balloon-car is B2Xc - 001 Sudden.
B2X stands for 'Bento Box', which means 'lunch box'; c stands for 'car';
means model # 1 and; Sudden is the car's name.

I chose 'Sudden' for the car name because I kept making sudden changes to the prototype version of the car, until I was finally satisfied with the final design.

Here is the final version, B2Xc - 001 Sudden, along with most of the materials I used.

More Pictures

Top View

Front View

Side View (Right)

Side View (Left)

Back View

As you can see, the final version is slightly different from the prototype version.
• I reduced the number of straws by one, but I made the straw's size bigger.
• I wrote the car name just under the straw (refer to 'top view' picture)
• I changed the balloon's colour from blue to red.
• I wrapped a rubber band around the straw so that its not loose and it won't wiggle around the hole.

Changing the balloon and the straw made the final version of the car significantly faster than the prototype version. Some other changes in the design also made the car look more attractive.

Now I'm all set for race day! (which is tomorrow hehe)

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