Sunday, February 22, 2009

2nd Major Entry: Production Stage 2 (Designing Process and Materials)

Due to some material problems, there have been some changes to the body and and wheel materials. I believe that the materials I am gonna use are more efficient than the ones listed on my first entry.

Body: I decided to use a styrofoam box that I got from a Chinese fast food store for my balloon car body instead of a milk box.

I am going to cut some parts to make the body smaller and lighter so that there wouldn't be much problems trying to make the balloon car accelerate.

Wheels: As mentioned in my first entry, I planned to use the wheels from my old toy car but it seems that I lost my toy car, so I had to find a replacement. This just proves that not everything goes smoothly in life :(

These are the replacements I found, which are caps of disposable coffee glasses. As you can see, their design is quite simple so it wouldn't be that hard to attach them to the body of my car and balancing them would also be easy.

These chopsticks and straws are the materials that I am planning to us to attach the wheels together with the body of my car. The chopsticks are quite thick, so I think I'll have to peel some wood off of them to make it thinner and easier to use.

P.S. You probably already noticed, but most of the materials I am using are related to food :)

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  1. I hope the food theme will work well haha... kind of odd but unique nice.